I'll Know from Pal Joey

I'll know when my love comes along.  I'll know then and there.  I'll know by the sight of his face, how I care, how I care, how I care and I'll stop and I'll stare.  I'll know long before we can speak. I'll know in my heart.  I'll know and I won't ever ask is this wise, is this smart, is this right?  But I'll stop and  I'll stare at his face oh so strong..Yes I'll know when my love comes along.

I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady

We could have talked all night...we could have talked all night and still have talked even more.  We could have spread our wings and done a thousand things we've never done before.  We'll never know what make it so exciting...why all at once our hearts took flight.  We only knew that when we started talking we...we..we could have talked talked talked all night.

Younger than Springtime from South Pacific

I touched his hand and my arms grew strong....like a pair of birds that burst in song.  I looked across at his handsome face and I held the world in my embrace.  Younger than springtime are you, softer than starlight are you, warmer than winds of June are the gentle lips you talk with...gayer than laughter are you, sweeter than music are you, angel and lover, heaven and Earth are you to me.  And when your youth and joy invade my arms, and fill my heart as now they do, then younger than springtime am I,  gayer than laughter am I, angel and lover ...heaven and Earth am I with you.

I'll Wait for You from Umbrellas of Cherbourg

If it takes forever, I will wait for you...for a thousand summers I will wait for you till you're back beside me till I'm holding you till I hear you sigh here in my arms.  Anywhere you wander, anywhere you go, just remember dear that I love you so...in your heart believe what in my heart I know that forever more I'll wait for you.  The clock will tick away the hours one by one 'till the time of your return has come, the time when you return and find me here and run straight to my waiting arms.  If it takes forever, I will wait for you...for a thousand summers I will wait for you till we're back together and I am holding you and forever more being your love.

The Man Who Got Away from A Star is Born

The night is bitter...the stars have lost their glitter, the winds grow colder and suddenly you're three years older and all because of the man that got away...no more is eager calls, the writings on the wall, the dreams you dreamed have all gone astray.  The man who won you, has run off and undone you...that great beginning has seen its final inning...don't know what happened, it's all a crazy game.  No more that all time thrill 'cause you've been through the mill and never a new love will be the same.  Good riddance goodbye...every trick of his you're onto but fools will be fools and where has he gone to?  The road gets rougher...gets lonlier and tougher...with hope you cling on tomorrow he may show up...there is just no let up, the live long night and day....ever since this world began...there is nothing sadder than the one man man looking for that man that got away.  The man that got away.